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With an abundance of sunshine, exotic cultures, and tropical experiences- get a chance to experience the beautiful views of Burgos, La Union. And then there are mountains, little strips of paradise, with cold springs, water falls, lakes, rice terraces, and idyllic sunsets.


Located approximately 3 km south from the Municipal Hall, get your glad rags on and be ready to take an incredible view of the Imelda Lake which is miraculously settled on top of a mountain.

Bodahao Falls

“Bodahao” from the Nabaloi term “bodaxao” meaning shooting stars (bulalakao) of which the place is named. According to old folks, this place was often visited by bulalakao. One can see the beautiful view of this “mysterious falls”. This view could be reached about an hour from the barangay road at Sitio Soybuan of Barangay Bilis, Burgos, La Union by going down the hills and passing through creeks.

bolikewkew rice terrAces & River

“Bolikewkew” from the Nabaloi word “bolixewxew” meaning spiral; a view of rice fields  depicting farming as one of the source of income of the natives of Burgos; a breathtaking view of nature and a recommended place for Hiking. The stretch of the Bolikewkew River is ideal for picnic activities; with inviting sporiadically located along the river pools. Bolikewkew is located in Barangay Delles, about 4 kilometers towards North from the Municipal Hall.


Located about a kilometer ride from the Municipal Hall via the Calaticat-Soybuan FMR of Barangay Bilis. Maybe the first Arboretum ever established in the province; ideal for educational trips.

Sun peak Resort

A private owned and operated resort that could be reached about 5-minute ride from the National Highway; one can enjoy the swimming pool and can stay overnight in the cottages.


Feel the warmth of nature as you embark in Agpay Eco-Park, imbued with the blueness of the splashing swimming pool and greenness of its environment. Feel the refreshing and relaxing mood as you plunge into the Eco-park, a beauty few minutes away from the national highway.   


Swish! Splash! The pride of Barangay Delles, a waterfall that surges and plunges down the mountain. Gasp in astonishment as we stare at the spurting waters over the rocks, smoothly seeping away. Indeed, a scene that’s picture perfect!


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Tourist Spots

Burgos Lake

Brgy. Imelda, Burgos, La Union

 Brgy. Imelda, Burgos, La Union

Bodahao Falls

St. Soybuan of Brgy. Bilis, Burgos La Union

Bolikewkew Rice Terraces & River

Brgy. Delles, Burgos, La Union

Father Burgos Statue

St. Domingo Brgy. Agpay, Burgos, La Union

Bolikewkew Falls & Cascades

Brgy. Delles, Burgos, La Union

Agpay Eco-Park Resort

Brgy. Agpay, Burgos, La Union

Sun Peak Resort

Brgy. Dalacda, Burgos, La Union