Welcome to the Citizen’s Charter of the Municipality of Burgos, La Union!


We are delighted to have you join us as we embark on a journey of transparency, accountability, and citizen empowerment. The Citizen’s Charter  is a guiding principle that establishes the foundation for a strong and vibrant society, where the rights and aspirations of every citizen are valued and respected. At its core, is a pledge to uphold the highest standards of governance and service delivery. It serves as a bridge between the government and its citizens, fostering a relationship built on trust, collaboration, and mutual understanding. This Charter is a living document, constantly evolving to meet the changing needs and aspirations of our dynamic society. Through the Citizen’s Charter, we aim to provide you with efficient and transparent public services, ensuring that your rights are protected and your needs are met. It sets out the standards of service you can expect from our Local Government Unit, fostering a culture of excellence and professionalism in public service delivery. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the contents of the Citizen’s Charter, as it outlines your rights, responsibilities, and the channels available to you for grievance redressal. It is a powerful that enables you to hold the government accountable and drive positive change in your community. The Citizen’s Charter is designed to ensure that your concerns are heard, addressed, and acted upon. It empowers you to actively participate in the decision-making process, promoting inclusivity and promoting social justice. Remember, the Citizen’s Charter is not just a document; it represents a shared commitment to building a better Municipality. Once again, welcome! Your participation and engagement are vital as we strive to build a stronger and more inclusive Burgos, La Union.

Arangkada burgos!


Delfin C. Comedis Jr.

Municipal Mayor