Barangay Offcials


Punong Barangay


Fernando D. Abenes



    1. Edmond A. Abuan
    2. Romando B. Sabado
    3. Randy A. Sison
    4. Jerry M. Paringit
    5. Ariel R. Sabado
    6. Loreta S. Madayag


    • Jossa S. Sison – Treasurer


    • Jimboy Sabado














During the early years of President Marcos’ incumbency an area of Barangay Libtong  was segregated to create another barrio in 1968 by virtue of Provincial Board Resolution No. 531. With a hope that more development will be poured, the name “Imelda” was given to this newly created Barangay.  The first to be designated as barangay captain was Feleciano Abuan who exerted his efforts to cuddle this newly born barangay.

Lying beside her mother Barangay Libtong, it is bounded on the East by Libtong; on the West by Al-Alinao Sur, Naguilian, La Union; on the North by Agpay; and on the South by Al-alinao Sur, Naguilian, La Union.

It has a population of 387 (in 2015) diversely occupying this 250.1462 hectare-barangay. It comprises five sitios namely; Sitio Imelda Proper, situated at the center of the Barangay where a barangay plaza and hall are located; Sitio Bulao; Sitio Lower Imelda, near the Ribsuan River; Upper Imelda; and Sison’s Place, where most of the residents are Sison Family Clan.  The barangay could be reached through a concreted barangay road from the National Highway traversing New Poblacion, Agpay and Libtong with a distance of 7.450 kilometers and through a dirty road from Palali, Sablan with a approximately length of 6.5 kilometers.

Like Agpay and Libtong, the people of Imelda are Ilocanos who are descendants of early settlers from Naguilian and Aringay, La Union.

Since its land area is good for agriculture, various crops are produced. Mango and many other fruit trees are planted everywhere.  Rice fields where palay and other various kinds of lowland and highland vegetable grow are carved between and sides of hills occupying most of the land area.  Farming may be considered as the main source of income of the residents.  Other residents are employed either in skilled works and professional jobs while some are engaged in small scale-business enterprises.  School children go to school at Libtong Elementary School, about 500 meters from Imelda Barangay Plaza.